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Hi everyone, I'm Bill, welcome to

I just release my new version of my PHP / Mootools poker game, MJ Hold'em v1.4

For that I'm re-doing all my sites and merging them to one.

For now this site is a Work in Progress.

For my friends and great customers check in the menu MJ hold'em for your free update. (you need to login)

What's new in MJHoldem v1.4
  • we can now create private room, protected with password
  • A way to watch a game in real time without entering a table.
  • The new bank system, now we can play with points only and we can buy or exchange chips with points.
  • My new robots players (it was a must for a game like that). The new bot are using real joomla user, you can have different bots (name and avatar)  for each table in a room.
  • You can now have a different background for each table (very cool for sponsor)


I'm a french geek from Montréal, Canada.
and I'm trying to write in english here, sorry to mess up with the language of Shakespeare .