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Hello gang

I just move one of my old component from Web-ko.net to monjoomla.com.

I create a new forum for it (don't be shy to ask your question there) and if you are a old customer and want access to your download area, send me a PM (via my profil page).

Thanks for your support


Hi gang

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This week I'm merging another site (web-ko.net) with monjoomla.com

From next week, all my babies (components & modules) will be reunited on monjoomla.com

Until then, this site is in construction

Happy Holiday

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Thanks to all of you for your support and your friendship.

Another year is almost over and the next one look so nice.

A pocket full of Good Cheer to You and Yours during this Festive Season.


A brand new server

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Hi gang

monjoomla.com is on the new server, (it was yesterday) but now all the DNS are refresh and everybody should appreciate the speed now.

If you see something odd or a broken link let me know



My server is dying

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Hi gang,

My server is very slow now, sorry about this...

I'm changing it, next weekend, before it die.

My big concern is my Poker demo, if the ping is to high, the game jump, and actions have delay in it. Doesn't look good for a demo. Anyway if it get worst I will close the demo until I change the server.


MJ Holdem forum restriction

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Hi gang

It's so funny (and sad), someone told me, my game is available for free somewhere on the web (it's never free) and after a lots of googling, I just found the zip (thank to another member, for a special keyword).

Hehehe, people protect their PC's with antivirus software and spyware detection, but they install a pirated version of a component made in PHP (files made in pure text), hehehe peoples don't realize how it's easy to hide a line in a PHP code.

I just make a code comparison between the pirated code and my original code, there 6 new lines, places at six strategic place in the new pirated code, one of them without the comparison. I never found it.

It’s six PHP INCLUDE of some files place on the web. (it's in base64 encryption.  I cannot know where they are on the web) Also they are very clever, they remove the exact number of characters there new lines takes from my Comments in the code, I cannot tell the difference with the size of the hacked files. Those guys are good pirates. 

For that I cannot tell what those file do, but I can tell what they can do. (I’m sure those guys didn’t buy my game and hide 6 new lines of code in it just for fun)

With a include of a PHP file, they can do everything on your server, They have full access to your DB (all your members emails, credit card number, everything that is valuable). They can easily format the server (but this is not interesting), Normally in 2011 Pirates takes every infos they can sell from you. If you have credit card number in your DB you just lost them. Again people are so stupid.

I’m sorry, It’s not my type to tell someone he or she is stupid but really when you know this, I’m pretty sure you will say the same. 

Anyway, I don’t want to support pirated version of my game, that’s why the MJ Hold’em forum is now open only for customers.

If you already bought my game, and you cannot access this forum, send me a personal message with the username you want to attach to your purchases and the email you use (paypal email) when you bought the game


The new website look

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Hi everyone, I'm Bill, welcome to MonJoomla.com

I just release my new version of my PHP / Mootools poker game, MJ Hold'em v1.4

For that I'm re-doing all my sites and merging them to one.

For now this site is a Work in Progress.

For my friends and great customers check in the menu MJ hold'em for your free update. (you need to login)

What's new in MJHoldem v1.4
  • we can now create private room, protected with password
  • A way to watch a game in real time without entering a table.
  • The new bank system, now we can play with points only and we can buy or exchange chips with points.
  • My new robots players (it was a must for a game like that). The new bot are using real joomla user, you can have different bots (name and avatar)  for each table in a room.
  • You can now have a different background for each table (very cool for sponsor)


I'm a french geek from Montréal, Canada.
and I'm trying to write in english here, sorry to mess up with the language of Shakespeare .