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Several questions - Plusieurs questions

Several questions - Plusieurs questions

Hi LeBill,

First, I want to apologize for my bad english I hope you'll understand most of my questions tough.
I'll add a french version of this text at the end of my message.

I'm very interested by your module but I want to know:
1 - if the price, 79$, is only for a year? And if I don't pay another 79 bucks the next year, can I still use the module?
2 - Can I use the module on several websites, or do I have to pay 79$ for each website I want ot add the module?
3 - Is there a french version of the module, or do I have to translate the several files (wether they have to do with the admin side or the front end side)?
4 - Is the bar code produced for each gift check a bar code, a list of numbers or a QR code? Are they unique for each gift check bought?
5 - does your module is compatible with the accents used in french langage and that our clients will put in the custom text they want to add in their gift check?

I realise that's a lot of questions and I hope you'll have time to answer them.
Thanks in advance and once again, I apologize for my english... 


Ok, here is the french version, easier for me! smile
Bonjour LeBill,

Voici les quelques questions que j'ai à propos de votre module. JE suis intéressé par son achat mais j'aimerai avoir des réponses sur les détails suivants:
1 - le prix pour le module est il de 79$ par an et doit-il être renouvelé tous les ans si je veux continuer à l'utiliser? Ou dois-je seulement payer ces 79$ tous les ans si je veux profiter des updates?
2 - Une fois que le module est acheté, puis-je l'installer sur plusieurs sites ou dois-je acheter une version du module pour chaque site sur lesquel je veux l'utiliser?
3 - le module est-il disponible en français? ou dois-je faire la traduction moi-même des fichiers gérant la partie administrative (back end) et la partie publique (front end)?
4 - est-ce que les codes barres générés sont uniques à chaque chèque acheté? Est-ce que ces codes sont de vrais codes barres ou sont-ils une liste de chiffres ou des QR codes?
5 - le module gère-t-il bien l'affichage des accents et des apostrophes dans les textes que voudront ajouter les clients qui désirent personnaliser leur chèque cadeau?

Voilà les questions que je  me pose au sujet de votre module. J'espère que vous trouverez le temps pour me répondre. En anglais ou en français.
Merci d'avance


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Re: Several questions - Plusieurs questions

Salut Stéphan

Je vais te repondre en anglais pour les autres.

1) Yes of course, you have a full year of update and support but after that you can still use the app as long as you wish.

2) All Joomla extension are GPL2.0, because of that, you don;t pay for the application, you pay for the support and the year of update. If you have a 1000 sites you can install it on all of them. BUT if you sell website with my app in it, try to charge the 79$ to your customer and buy a new license for them. You don't have to do this, but this help me to do more apps and new version. ;O)

3) I use the language system from Joomla, it's easy to do (translate) the file in French. I can ask around to see if I can get the translation.

4) Yes the bar code and number are base on the server timestamp, impossible to get the same number, also you can import your own list number in the system

5) Yes sir, my first clients are from here (Quebec, Canada), all of them are bilingual site (English / French)
Check here to see a live site in action, they sell 10-20 card a days with my app http://www.polarbearsclub.ca/en/gift.html


Thanks for your support

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Thank you!

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Re: Several questions - Plusieurs questions

Thanks again for answering, very quickly and thoroughly, to my questions.
I think you just won a new customer! wink

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